Everyone has their own identity

Exploring our sense of identity through arts

A Piece of ME - The Overlapping Memories of Hong Kong & United Kingdom is a project-based dissertation project focusing on the identity of Hongkongers and their connection between Hong Kong and Britain.

Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom for 150 years, and things have changed rapidly in the last 10. Recently, the relationship between Britain and Hong Kong is in a new chapter because of the new BN(O) visa scheme. There are a lot of people in Hong Kong considering moving to the UK because of this. 

The dissertation is formed by a film-swap project and community art workshops with several Hongkongers. This website serves as an archival purpose to showcase the artworks created in this project. Hope you will enjoy all the works as much as we have enjoyed producing them. Any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them via the contact sheet. See you around.